We all purchase our daily vegetables,fruits,grains and pulses from our nearby retailers and these retailers from the wholesalers and they from the framers.These wholesalers and retailers do a profitable business because of the knowledge of current demand and necessities of the buyers.In this case, farmers gains much more less wages than expected due to lack of information and agricultural techniques.To overcome this poverty of farmers Shantiwan decided to lend them proper marketing education and provided them markets where they can sell their products directly to the buyer and gain the profits.This proved to be a blessing to these farmers.


Shetkari Manobal Prakalp

Drought is the main calamity of Marathwada. Less rainfall, lack of irrigation techniques, lack of agricultural techniques gave rise to the increasing number of farmers’ suicide.To overcome this problem this evocation was founded under the guidance of Pune’s one of the respected businessman, Shri Shashikant Chitale and Shri Suresh Joshi. Due to this evocation progressive work like depthing rivers, depthing canels, constructing small reservoirs and 40 big farms lakes like many have been successfully done.These solution solved the drought problem in this area and now the farms are flourished with beautiful fruits and flowers. Shantiwan itself is surrounded by beautiful flowers which enhance its beauty and makes the environment more pleasant and positive. Along with irrigation techniques,new agricultural modes are also being introduced to the farmers for more efficient results


Appeal for donation

Our works have came to this stage only because of your encouragement and financial support. We are planning a lot yet to fulfill the basics of our fellow men as our duty in which your contribution is worthy. These plans are only possible with your unconditional support which you have given us till now and hoping will be there in future too. Do be the part of this incredible donation. Thanks