Ajol Vasatigruh

Taking Shantiwan one step ahead, Shri Mangesh Kanpathak, one of the active participants of Shantiwan , decided to form Aajol in Pune in order to upbring and educate the deprived children. This mission was started in June 2019 which is looking forward for your precious helping hands. Along with many dormitories and others, Aajol vastigruh is also formed to fulfill the necessities of those deprived adults who are gaining higher education in Pune so that they can shape their career well.

Objectives handled by Aajol

  • Upbringing of deprived children and provide them education, shelter, food, schooling and other necessities.
  • Developing their personalities by providing opportunities in sports, arts, taking children to picnics and other curricular activities.
  • Empowering widows, divorced ladies,blind,physically challenged women, etc.
  • Fulfilling the necessities of the deprived adolescents educating in Pune.

How you can help to achieve them:

  • Annual Parenting Cooperation: Rs. 20,000/-
    One can take up the annual parenting task of any child by contributing rupees 20,000 for his/her betterment.
  • Snehabhav cooperation: Rs. 20,000/-
    One can take up the complete costing of the day with help of this plan.
  • Annual donation plan:
    One can give financial annual donation to this trust as per one’s choice.
  • Nourishment Cooperation:
    Through this plan, you can provide children nutritious food and grains on some of your precious occasions like birthday ceremonies or anniversaries.
  • Smruti Sadan Building Plan:
    You can contribute yourself with this plan and give your loved ones a best tribute for the rest of the years.
  • Constructional Plans:
    A building is being built for the convenience of the better working of Aajol, you can also help us in this constructive sites. You can also provide relatively useful things like clothes, schooling material, lockers, bunk beds, shelves, etc.

Future plans

  • Sumati Ram Chitale Rehabilitation Package (women and girl)
  • Self-care and educational projects for orphaned girls
  • Schools 1 to 10 std.
  • High school (Arts, Commerce, Science)
  • College of Nursing
  • Pre-Military and Police Recruitment Training Center (PRTC)
  • Techniques and business education
  • Widow, Divorced Women’s Rehabilitation Center
  • Hospital (for women and young children)


Appeal for donation

Our works have came to this stage only because of your encouragement and financial support. We are planning a lot yet to fulfill the basics of our fellow men as our duty in which your contribution is worthy. These plans are only possible with your unconditional support which you have given us till now and hoping will be there in future too. Do be the part of this incredible donation. Thanks