Farm Pond

Beed is an area which experiences excess drought situations. Lack of irrigation techniques results in the increasing number of suiciding farmers.To overcome this hazardous calamity of drought Deepak Nagargoje under guidance of Shri. Suresh Joshi of Pune and famous businessman and chairman of Surag Trust Shri. Shashikant Chitale gave rise to ‘Shetkari manobal prakalp’ and started building farm ponds. Farm ponds are small water bodies constructed or dugged in farms or across a waterway.The excessive running water during rainy days is collected in these farms and used for irrigation during scarcity of water and also used as drinking water for cattles in droughts,etc. To give rise to this evocation Deepak Nagargoje he himself first constructed a farm pond in his farm under the guidance of Shri Suresh Joshi who is the backbone of this evocation.Slowly and steadily many farmers became the part of this evocation and fought with the drought problems and together brought it to an end. Suresh Joshi has been a very thankful person as his service for this evocation is worthy.He not only provided financial help but also collected many funds for this evocation and contributed his physical presence every time whenever needed.


Drought calamity of these areas use to enable farmers to pay a couple of lakhs every year for the water tanks to fulfill the water scarcity.This every year expenditure started becoming the recurring cost and was beyond their budgets.Then Deepak Nagargoje and Suresh Joshi of Pune decided to overcome this problem and eliminating this recurring cost for ever.


As a effective solution for every year drought they started building water harvesting farm pond initially in their own farm.The upcoming positive results like sustainable and reliable availability of water for irrigation during drought,drinking water for cattles,moisturized soil for agriculture,etc. gave rise to good agriculture.Farmers nearby observed these changes and under the founders’ guidance constructed the farm ponds and experienced the positive changes in their agriculture.

Appeal for donation

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