Tarangan Prakalp / Evocation

Children were nurtured and educated in Shantiwan only till 10th standard which wasn’t enough. However due to many reasons children weren’t able to gain further education. Considering this, with a concern of not letting these adults be part of wrong practices, trust came up with responsible evocation who will provide them with the desired career based on their grades and abilities. The adults are being qualified right from ITI to engineering sectors by the help of this trust which has empowered them to build a bright future. Providing higher education to those children who have the ability to achieve higher education but can’t afford them is the main objective of tarangan evocation. Number of children have the potential to achieve their goals but due to lack of proper guidance and financial support they have to stop their education and look for the income source.Tarangan helps these youngsters with their daily necessities as well as economic support and help to reach their desired destination.

Nari Niketan

In Marathwada, due to some social misbeliefs and male domination, women have to face many problems.These misbelieves and domination is giving rise to female foeticide, poverty, negligence towards her health and education, marrying her at a small age and many more likewise. So Shantiwan and its backbone Shri Shashikant Chitale initiated a rehabilitation project to help such women. Nari Niketan – To make social suffering widows, divorced women, orphan ladies, etc. independent and to help them to move on in their lives this rehabilitation center was established. This is the only women rehabilitation center in Marathwada, spread in 8 acres, in which around 1000 ladies are gaining their faith once again and are shaping their destroyed lives with new hopes.

Navi Disha

Adults have great energy levels and intense courage to achieve their dreams and goals but they lack the knowledge of values and morals necessary in this way of success.To empower them with this valuable knowledge ‘Navi Disha’ is a small contribution inaugurated by Baba Amte where every year between 5th to 12th May, seminars take place. Many scholars from different fields come to guide these youth moral and hardship lessons from their experienced lives. Along with seminars, picnics are arranged to different projective areas where they gain technical and agricultural knowledge and also bring care and concern towards nature and environment within them.


Children who became orphans due to the death of their parents or by any other reason are legally adopted by Shantiwan. Shantiwan takes complete responsibility of these children right from their day to day needs to their higher educations. Shantiwan provides them their very main necessity that is the lack of love and concern in these children’s lives.