Child Upliftment

Child Upliftment

Many social problems are resulting in an increasing number of roadside children due to bad conceiving. These children also have the right to live a dignified life and thus, are nurtured and helps the dignified families to legally adopt these toddlers. This evocation performs this soulful activity.

Shantiwan Girls Hostel / Dormitory

Looking forward for the betterment of socially and emotionally struggling girls, trust brought up Shantiwan girls dormitory where 135 orphans , tamasha womens’ and red light area womens’ daughters along with suicided farmers’ daughters are looked after and provided education to make the girls independent and fill their lives with beautiful colours.

Anand Niketan English Medium School

To enable the deprived/ needy students to gain english schooling as per their likeness, trust initiated an English medium school for children’s betterment.

Shantiwan Boys Hostel / Dormitory

Empty stomachs can’t build righteous brains and so Shantiwan Boys Hostel was also established to fill the hungry stomachs and build the righteous youngsters.Suicided farmers’ sons, prostitutes’ child, orphans, like 165 boys are residing in this hostel today.


Appeal for donation

Our works have came to this stage only because of your encouragement and financial support. We are planning a lot yet to fulfill the basics of our fellow men as our duty in which your contribution is worthy. These plans are only possible with your unconditional support which you have given us till now and hoping will be there in future too. Do be the part of this incredible donation. Thanks