Saraswati Sadhana Vidya Mandir

A primary school to provide quality education. Operating a dormitory wasn’t enough to satisfy the need for education of children, so Shantiwan decided to start ‘Saraswati Sadhana Vidhya Mandir’ a primary school which is providing them a quality education.

Sadhana Vidya Mandir

A secondary school for around 1000 + children Along with the primary school Shantiwan also took an initiative to begin a secondary school entitled as ‘Sadhana Vidhya Mandir’ which is now educating around 1000 children living in Shantiwan as well as sugarcane cutters’ children residing 15 km nearby Shantiwan.

Anand Niketan English Medium School

To enable the deprived/ needy students to gain english schooling as per their likeness, trust initiated an English medium school for children’s betterment.

Tarangan Prakalp

Children were nurtured and educated in Shantiwan only till 10th standard which wasn’t enough. However due to many reasons children weren’t able to gain further education. Considering this, with a concern of not letting these adults be part of wrong practices, trust came up with responsible evocation who will provide them with the desired career based on their grades and abilities. The adults are being qualified right from ITI to engineering sectors by the help of this trust which has empowered them to build a bright future.


Appeal for donation

Our works have came to this stage only because of your encouragement and financial support. We are planning a lot yet to fulfill the basics of our fellow men as our duty in which your contribution is worthy. These plans are only possible with your unconditional support which you have given us till now and hoping will be there in future too. Do be the part of this incredible donation. Thanks